On Oct 12th , 2015, FOXGOLDEN began to go into capital market and step into official listed company ,stock code : 666153

Thanks for 12-year customer support on FOXGOLDEN always .

Thanks for 12-year material supplier support on FOXGOLDEN always.

Thanks for 12-year FOXGOLDEN family constant effort and hard work .

We have 12-year production experience .We have 12-year design experience of offering solution, installation, and after-sales service, etc. According to different environment conditions, too cold temperature till -40℃ or too hot temperature till +55℃, we carefully choose different suitable materials and make the best offer for every customer. It differs in cables, LED lamps, plastic masks ,waterproof materials, IC, etc. Faced with a variety of requirements, we offer flexible diverse solutions. We offer 24-hour all-direction online service.

As said by Jack Ma, the president of Alibaba group, it is the times of 3 wins. The meaning of FOXGOLDEN official website is WIN-WIN-WIN . WIN FOR CUSTOMERS; WIN FOR SUPPLIERS; WIN FOR FAMILIES . COM: COMING

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